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Fireball Speaker System

Vogue Audio Fireball Speaker Logos
Vogue Audio Fireball Professional Venue

The Fireball Speaker System is a high output, high resolution 2-way design utilizing select professional grade parts including neodymium magnets. Features an RCF full range 15" woofer and a 15" subwoofer. Top mounted FaitalPro Tractrix mid/high frequency elliptical horn tweeter in modular enclosure. Internally wired with Vogue Audio Silver Strand Ultra Cabling. The ported dual chamber hardwood grade MDF cabinet is finished in carbon fiber and covered with a durable textile acoustic skin. Adjusted system sensitivity is 103 dBSPL 1 Watt, 1 meter. Frequency range -3 dB 30 Hz ~ 20 kHz -1 dB.  These specifications ensure lifelike musical dynamics with great clarity. Applications include home audio, pro audio, and studio. Product dimensions with low profile solid brass swivel casters: 50" x 18" x 19", 120 lbs.


Includes a Crown XLS-1502 DriveCore-2, 525 Watt stereo power amplifier per speaker (bi-amp mode) with DSP electronic crossovers. Designed and built in the USA. Three year Warranty. Domestic US sales only. Each system is made-to-order. Reviews below photos.

Photos courtesy of RM, Sarasota Florida.

Vogue Audio Fireball Speaker Canted View
Vogue Audio Fireball Speaker System
FaitalPro Fireball Driver Horn
Vogue Audio Fireball RCF 15" Woofer


Why does Vogue Audio include the Crown Power amps? Are these sonically good? Can I use my own amps?

The Crown amps have high power output and tailored built-in crossovers that are superior to passive networks. Sonically these amps are as good or better than many reference amps that we have auditioned and are properly matched to our speakers. If you already own a pair of Crown XLS series amps we can deduct our specified amps from the price. Also we show the Crown amps as an Invoice line item and we do not markup the price.

Are the tweeter horns harsh sounding? Is the bass boomy?

No. The Tractrix horn bell shaping coupled with the FaitalPro driver compares to a good ribbon speaker but with focused projection. The dual chambered woofers create a very solid well delineated bass and veil-free midrange. The bottom woofer is tailored to support frequencies below 125 Hz.

Is this a true HIFI speaker or a club speaker?

Our speakers will please the most critical audiophile and perform well in smaller venues due to the wide dynamic range and low distortion from just a few Watts to hundreds of Watts.


"Vogue Audio invited me to critique their Fireball speaker system (no kickback deals, JMO). First off the black and red carbon fiber look cabinet finishes are impressive; A heavy solidly built cabinet riding on attractive brass mini casters. The two large 15" woofers and top mounted modular horn box demonstrates that this is a serious speaker system. The drivers in this system are all commercial/pro-grade units from RCF and FaitalPro of super high efficiency and high power ratings. The network configuration was with the Crown XLS1502 power amps (these amps blow away many class A/B amps, see YouTube videos. Listening to a variety of recordings from Rap to Classical, I was impressed (powerful bass, natural mids, and airy highs)! These speakers deliver lots of clean acoustical power and presence with no distortion. Male vocals were rich with great body. Percussion sounds had great authority. The 21 Hz sweep test rattled the window blinds. The high system sensitivity only required about 25 Watts from the Crown DriveCore-2, 525 Watt power amps for room filling volume! The Fireballs would be a hit at parties and in large rooms yet the audiophile and home cinema buff would be very happy to own these. These speakers are suited for those who want a solidly built, ballsy, high definition performer at a very reasonable price." RM, Sarasota FL

"I placed my custom order for a pair of the Vogue Audio Fireball Speakers with a pair of the Crown XLS1502 power amps. The amp crossovers are set for 1200 Hz/24 dB and levels calibrated by Vogue. The kit is ready to go as I added two pairs of Silver Strand speaker cables. The Crown amps support both RCA and XLR inputs (XLR recommended). My DAC will connect directly. This type of speaker is the one I have searching for as many consumer/high-end speakers fall flat in the dynamics department. I believe that Vogue has made a good choice for the drivers that use quality materials and high sensitivity/power ratings. I will use the speakers in my 18 x 25 listening room. I look forward to my delivery! IMO, these speakers are the real deal."

Follow up: "Speakers arrived in perfect condition. I just rolled them out of the carton and placed them in my sound room. Speaker connections are on the top of the cabinets for quick and easy connections. I placed the Crown amps in my system rack but one could place them on top of the speakers. I have yet to hear any so-called high end speakers that compare to the Fireballs. Magnificent, powerful sound and masterpiece build quality!" FF,  Dallas TX 

"I heard these speakers at a friends house and was quite impressed. I expected the typical overblown horn sound like JBL or Altec speakers but this was not the case. The vogue audio Fireball Speakers present a very smooth and detailed musical experience of the best Audiophile speakers no matter the topology. They are dynamic and clear with no coloration." DG, Denver CO

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