Silver Strand Ultra Power Cable

Our Silver Strand Ultra (unplated) solid silver power cable delivers lossless alternating current for line level and power amplifier components.

  • Cryogenically finished ultrapure 7N OCC, 11 gauge continuous cast low resistance solid silver conductors ensures maximum power transfer. Conductors are tightly wound for optimal shielding. No ground plane noise inducing screens are employed.

  • Chemfluor® Teflon lossless compact air-core core construction eliminates sonic coloration of solid-filled cores.

  • Premium-grade Mains and IEC plugs. Non-magnetic brushed alloy cover, POM body. Solid oxygen-free copper contacts with 24K Gold or Rhodium plating.

  • Expertly fabricated at our Englewood, Florida USA facilities.

  • Cable lengths 1.0 - 3.5 meters. Priced Each.

Vogue Audio Silver Strand Power Cable

Optional 20 Amp IEC plug for power amplifiers.

IEC 20A Plug.jpg


"I have owned numerous power cords over the years and many have been veiled in some way. Enter the Vogue Silver Strand Rhodiums, I have finally found my solution. I am so pleased, I bought four more!" KL, NY

Sonic Qualities

The minimalist cable core construction design ensures sonic clarity. Veil-free midrange compared to solid-filled core cables. Excellent soundstage dimensionality and focus. Powerful bass and midbass. Matches well to both solid state and vacuum tube electronics.


Our Silver Strand Ultra power cable is the ultimate choice for all audio components. Applications include high-end stereo systems, home theater, and professional audio. The compact bulk-free cable construction is ideal for congested audio racks. See FAQ for more information.

Connector Options: Our Silver Strand Ultra power cable is terminated with US mains and IEC plugs, Gold-plated or Rhodium-plated oxygen-free screw clamp contacts. Plugs rated at 120 Volts 15 Amps. Cable rated at 20 Amps, 11 AWG. Meets UL/CSA safety standards. Special Order Terminations: Contact us for 20 Amp IEC plugs (power amplifiers), Gold Schuko, and UK fusible mains plugs (no extra charge).

Free Domestic US Shipping. Discounted International Shipping.

Gold-copper plugs:

Rhodium-copper plugs: