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Frequently Asked Questions

"Is the 7N OCC wire that is used pure silver? Seems like a very good price for silver cables."

Yes. There has been some confusion regarding our wire construction. Our wire is a multicore single conductor  with a pure silver bonding. This method offers far better economies than typical OCC filament wire but with similar sonic performance. We have clarified these aspects in the product pages. View the Tech link.

"Is it true that silver cables/wire are sonically bright and edgy compared to copper wire?"

No. A lower grade of silver wire may sound this way due to impurities but the real culprit is the bulk dielectric and type of dielectric. Just compare a rubber covered wire to a Teflon insulated wire. Our Silver Strand Ultra cables do not have the "silver-sound" coloration and offers better focus compared to the best pure copper cables.

"This minimalist bulk-free construction ensures perfect signal transfer and sonic transparency. Please expand on the benefits of Bulk-Free."

Bulk-free refers to a low dielectric construction method that reduces the dissipation factor loss of the insulating materials. This is achieved by using thin-walled Teflon air-core tubing, thin-walled Teflon conductors, and no unnecessary fillers to 'fatten' the cable. Dielectric stored energy affects signal quality which results in sonic coloration. "No coral snakes for my components" (customer comment).

"Why do you prefer Rhodium plated copper connectors compared to gold?" 

We originally offered gold-copper connectors but recently changed to Rhodium due to customer popularity. Rhodium tends to be a bit more neutral compared to gold and is much more durable. There are requests for Gold connectors and we now offer our interconnects and speaker cables in Gold or Rhodium.

"Do you offer other cable lengths besides the ones in the shopping cart?"

Yes. We build custom length cables special order. Please contact  Support Services with your specifications.

"Is the Silver Strand Power Cord Shielded?"

Yes. Our method is to tightly wind the conductors instead of a common mesh sheath. Mesh sheaths can increase capacitance and induce earth ground noise into the conductors resulting in sonic artifacts.

"Are the Silver Strand interconnects shielded?"

Yes. We use proprietary construction methods for the core and conductors without a commonly used braid or foil sheath. This results in a focused and open sonic experience.

"What is your return policy and product warranty?"

Please view our Store Policies for complete information.

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