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Silver Strand Ultra RCA Interconnect Cables

Our Silver Strand Ultra singular multicore bonded silver RCA interconnect cables are optimized to attain the highest sonic resolution and quality construction for single-ended audio components.

  • Cryogenically finished ultrapure 7N OCC silver bonded helical conductors ensures perfect signal transfer. Cap: 35 pF per 0.5 meter (19 5/8"). View Tech Info.

  • Chemfluor® Teflon lossless compact air-core construction for the lowest dielectric constant.

  • Available in Furutech Gold or Viborg Rhodium audiophile reference grade locking RCA plugs (Teflon contact blocks). 

  • Expertly fabricated at our Englewood, Florida USA facilities.

  • Cable lengths 1.0 - 3.5 meters. Priced Pair.

Vogue Audio Silver Strand Ultra RCA Interconnects
Vogue Audio RCA Plug Rhodium


"Dropping a note to let you know how satisfied I am with the RCA interconnects. These cables are used between my Raven Spirit Mk2 300B monoblocks and a Manley 300b preamp. The fluid soundscape comes alive with this combination. I can hear every note in a black dead space. I am soon to explore replacing my Silver Smith cables with Vogue Audio cables based on my results." AK, Kenilworth IL

Sonic Qualities

The minimalist cable core construction design ensures perfect signal transfer and sonic accuracy. Transparent, resolving, and extended frequency range. The soundstage is wide, deep, and focused. Matches well to both solid state and vacuum tube electronics.


Our Silver Strand Ultra™ RCA interconnect cables are the ultimate choice for all single-ended audio components. Applications include high-end stereo systems, home theater, and professional audio. The flexible bulk-free cable construction is ideal for congested audio racks. See FAQ for more information.

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