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Silver Strand Ultra Speaker Cables

Our Silver Strand Ultra singular multicore bonded silver speaker cables are optimized to attain the highest sonic resolution and quality construction for power amplifier-loudspeaker interconnection.

  • Cryogenically finished ultrapure 7N OCC low resistance 11 gauge silver bonded conductors in lossless Superthane twin air-cores for low capacitance and minimal dielectric dissipation. View Tech Info.

  • Flexible compact ribbon cable design for easy routing near walls and floors. A 6.6 mm (~1/4") thickness allows under carpet concealment if desired. The light gray color blends well with most decors.

  • Available in Gold or Rhodium plated oxygen-free copper locking banana plugs, 6-8mm step-spades, or combination banana-spade terminations. Cables are non-directional.

  • Expertly fabricated at our Englewood, Florida USA facilities.

  • Cable lengths 1.5 - 4.5 meters. Priced as a stereo Pair. Cap: 25 pF per 0.5 meter (19 5/8").

Vogue Audio Silver Strand Ultra Speaker Cables - Banana Plugs
Vogue Audio Silver Strand Ultra Speaker Cables - Spades


"Very impressed with the Silver Strand Ultra speaker cables. These cables are a unique departure from the typical "anaconda snake" speaker cables that most folks sell. Far more silver than plastic and fillers yet still with large 11 gauge wires. Clean appearance and easy to route, quality ends. The sound field is open and focused and multi-dimensional. Price on sale is a no brainer." RA, Houston TX

Sonic Qualities

Premium Rhodium plated oxygen-free copper contact connectors terminate the cables resulting in seamless signal transfer. Dynamic wideband frequency range with stunning resolution. The soundstage is wide, deep, and focused. Matches well to both solid state and vacuum tube electronics.


Our Silver Strand Ultra™ speaker cables are the ultimate choice for all speakers and power amplifiers. Applications include high-end stereo systems, home theater, and professional audio. The compact bulk-free cable construction is ideal for congested audio racks. See FAQ for more information.

Free Domestic US Shipping. Discounted International Shipping. 

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