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Product Reviews

Unsolicited Customer Accolades

"I like the fact that Vogue Audio now offers a choice of gold and rhodium plug options for tailoring. This allows me to use rhodium XLRs for my amp and gold RCAs for my preamp." JS, Nashville TN

"Just sent an email to tell you guys that I am delighted with the Silver Strand power cord. I am using these on my monoblock power amps and the sound is very transparent from top to bottom. Build quality of this cord exceeded my expectations. WT, Long Island NY

"Hello: I just purchased, reviewed the Vogue Audio XLR interconnects with the rhodium plugs and I am blown away! Amazing detail and clarity compared to higher priced brands. I will buy again." CL, Novato CA

"Buying the Vogue power cord was easy. Saw praise for the cord from a post on the Audiogon Forum. I plan to use it either on my tube phono/linestage preamp (now using an Omega Mikro 100 watt Active cord) or from wall outlet to a Supra power strip (now using a Grover Huffman Pharaoh cord)." HR, Los Angeles CA

"Nice to see the RCA interconnects are now fitted with locking rhodium plugs. This is a top quality cable at a bargain price. Superb sonic clarity and flexible cord. Next, I will try your upgraded rhodium XLR cable." SD, Millbrae CA

"Love the Silver Strand Ultra power cords! No veils, neutral, and powerful. Beautiful rhodium connectors. I use these cords on all of my gear." RE, Billings MT

"Vogue Audio is my number 1 go-to place for Power/Speaker/Interconnect Cables. Easy ordering and navigating website and Customer Service to beat all. I recommend them any chance I get. Quality is above reproach in product and direct personal Customer Service. All I really need now is a few more Rhodium Power Cables and Speaker Cables. I have my Interconnects covered. Thank you Vogue Audio for all my past purchases and future ones!" JG, Portland OR

"Vogue audio cables are the best silver hybrid cables available especially for the price. My audio system has never sounded better. They deliver a true performance improvement and I feel they are a good investment. I am a customer for life now." JJ, Newport Beach CA

"Very impressed with the Silver Strand Ultra speaker cables. These cables are a unique departure from the overly large "anaconda snake" speaker cables that most folks sell. Clean appearance and easy to route, quality ends. The sound field is open, focused, and multi-dimensional." RA, Houston TX

"I just received a suite of Vogue Audio cables and my first impression is very positive. Build quality and svelte construction: Speaker cable jackets are strong yet flexible, interconnects are durably woven. Quality gold-copper step spades and RCA plugs. The cables are now in-system and sound great." Cheers! AR, London UK

"After 50 hours of cooking I am very impressed with the Silver Strand Banana Speaker Cables. Great focus and dimensionality, no coloring. Nice ribbon jacket that I can lay against the baseboards, WAF approved. Bananas lock well to my components and speakers." BL, Seattle WA

"Just wanted to say that I agree with you about "average marketplace offerings" as there are so many overpriced cables in the wild. Vogue Audio brings to the table fair priced, quality high performance cables. There is just no risk giving them a listen in one's audio system as I have learned. I am very happy with the XLRs and power cables and they have bested just about everything I have tried at any price." MR, Newton MA

"Dropping a note to let you know how satisfied I am with the RCA gold interconnects. These cables are used between my Raven Spirit Mk2 300B monoblocks and a Manley 300b preamp. The fluid soundscape comes alive with this combination. I can hear every note in a black dead space. I am soon to explore replacing all my cables with Vogue Audio cables based on my results." AK, Kenilworth IL

"My cinema system installer recommended Vogue Audio Cables for my new build-out. I ordered several interconnects, power cables, and speaker cables for the 12 channel system. Everything is setup now and I am quite happy with the result. I will be recommending your products to my contacts in the AV business in the Los Angeles area who are interested in top quality cables." RR, Brentwood CA

"I took the plunge and purchased your Silver Strand Ultra gold XLR cables. When I popped open the black pouch I was delighted to see these beauties. Photos fail to capture the build quality. After just around 20 hours the cables blossomed and I put up for sale my mega-buck XLRs." DF, Flagstaff AZ

"Great price for a pair of silver XLR cables. No coloration or brightness in my system with titanium tweeters. Sound stage is pinpoint with great depth. Quality product, I plan to buy more." Mr. Yee, Hong Kong

"My purchase is for the Silver Strand Ultra speaker cables. They have been in my system for a few weeks and they have transformed my listening enjoyment. Everything is crystal clear and with great presence. My HIFI friends were impressed with the sound and uniqueness of the cable shape." MD, Atlanta GA

"I recently auditioned your Silver Strand power cord and it is a keeper! The tonality of the cord is neutral and without the typical veils as found in other cords." SP, Glasgow Scotland

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