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Product Tech

Vogue Audio Mission

Vogue Audio designers and technicians possess over 48 years (total) of industry expertise in electronics, manufacturing, and the high-end audio business. Our mission is to provide the audiophile outstanding products far beyond the myriad of average marketplace offerings. Our specialty is high quality silver audio cables suitable for high-end stereo systems, home theater, and professional audio. Vogue Audio products are handcrafted in Englewood Florida, USA.

Product Tech

OCC Solid Silver Wire
OCC Wire Strand

OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) is a wire casting process developed to eliminate annealing issues and minimize grain boundaries in silver wire. A silver purity of  7N (99.99999%) results in the lowest distortion of an audio signal. Analogy: Smooth asphalt road compared to a gravel road.

Our wire is custom manufactured for us. It is an alloy of 7N silver 60% and 40% 5N copper. The silver is bonded to the solid copper cores. This method greatly reduces the cost of OCC filament wire yet retains outstanding audio performance. Note: This is not the typical flash-plated stranded wire that many builders offer today.

Air-core Teflon tubing is known for superior dielectric properties when compared to PVC and PE cores making it ideal for use as a conduit in high-end audio cables. Minimal signal dissipation and reflection.

Air-Core Teflon Tubing
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