Vogue Audio Mission

Vogue Audio designers and technicians possess over 46 years of industry expertise in electronics, manufacturing, and the high-end audio business. Our mission is to provide the audiophile outstanding products far beyond the myriad of average marketplace offerings. Our specialty is ultrapure solid silver audio cables suitable for high quality systems. Applications include high-end stereo systems, home theater, and professional audio.

Our Chief Designer Bio

Vogue Audio Chief Designer

Thomas Swenson, Electronics and IT Network Engineer. Previously employed by Pacific Telephone, Howard Hughes, Cray Research, and Technicom Services. He was consulting designer for Sonic Systems, Audiodyne, Pure Note, Cabledyne, and Triodecraft. He has been an audiophile since age 10 and has designed and built over 40 speaker systems, including many preamps and power amps. His most popular cable designs were Benchmark, Epsilon, Paragon, and Virtuoso.

Tom's latest Silver Strand Ultra™ ultrapure solid silver audio cables are his hallmark creation of design simplicity, high performance, and value.

Technical staff: Alexander Vergara, Jason Vergara, Miko Vergara. Office: Isabel Felizardo.

AES Technical Reference for Audio Systems. Learn more about audio and cable systems by Bill Whitlock.