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Hubbell HBL5362RTR SAFETY AC Receptacle

The Hubbell HBL5362RTR Tamper-Resistant safety Audiophile receptacle has excellent plug retention and sonics. Compares to the best Audiophile grade outlets at a far lower price and complies with current building codes. Perfect for wall outlet, power strip, and power conditioner upgrades. The Hubbell Extra Heavy Duty Industrial Series AC power receptacle features unplated brass (75% copper content) contacts and is superior to stock residential grade outlets. Accepts 15 and 20 Amp US plugs. Highly recommended for all Audiophile, home theater, and as an upgrade to existing tamper-resistant wall outlets. PRICE $25.  CONTACT US TO ORDER.

Hubbell HBL5362GYTR Audiophile Receptacle

Cryogenically processed (-320°F). The cryo treatment imparts tighter molecular bonds resulting in a lower noise floor. Greater musical clarity, increased focus, and blacker background are realized. Includes free 40 hour burn-in on the Audiodharna cable cooker. The perfect match for our Silver Strand Power Cable.

Code Requirements: (Boutique Audiophile outlets do not meet building code safety requirements).

In 46 of the 50 United States and all of Canada, Tamper-Resistant Receptacles are required in new residential construction as of November 2013. Also recommended as a replacement receptacle for older homes. These outlets prevent contact by objects like keys or paper clips inserted into the socket. This is accomplished by an interlocking mechanism that requires hot and neutral blades inserted simultaneously to release the small doors blocking the slots. The grounding slot is not blocked by a door (not required). Compared to contractor grade outlets, Hubbell outlets allow bind-free insertion of the AC plug. 



  • New, genuine Hubbell Parts. Factory Warranty.

  • Made in USA. Industrial grade and quality.

  • Color: Red (only). Color not shown with plugs in place. Special Buy, limited quantities.

  • Type: 2-Pole + Earth ground.

  • Maximum Rating: 20A; 125V.

  • NEMA: 5-20R (T-Slot) US style Type B. Fits standard or deep boxes.

  • Residential loop or home run wiring, non-isolated ground applications.

  • Top material: Nylon. Contacts enclosure: Reinforced PET.

  • Mounting strap material: .050" solid brass.

  • Power contacts material: .037" solid brass.

  • Wire clamps material: .031" solid brass.

  • Large head high torque brass screws for secure wiring.

  • Wire size: 10-14 gauge, 1 or 2 conductors per pole.

  • Wiring Method: Back and side.

  • Standard or specialty wall plate covers (not included).

  • Disclaimer: This receptacle should be installed by a licensed electrician.

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